Public Performances

At times throughout the year, Electric Entertainment are requested to perform at a range of public performances. It is at the discretion of Sherree and the dance teachers to determine which dance styles and age groups best fit the needs of the performance.

The classes selected are informed as early as possible to allow for ample time in order to plan for attending the event. Participation in these events is 100% non-compulsory and students/parents may elect to not participate. Choosing not to participate in one event will not affect future opportunities if they arise.

Students wishing to perform in these events are expected to maintain regular attendance leading up to the event, and, where applicable, attend any additionally scheduled rehearsals in preparation for the performance. Students and parents must be aware that failure to do so may result in not being able to perform.

Information regarding hair and make up, accessories and costumes will be made available as early as possible for parents. In most cases, costumes will be provided by Electric Entertainment; however, a $10 costume hire is requested to help offset the costs of drycleaning and repairs.

Public performances are seen as an opportunity for students to be able to perform on stage in front of an audience; however, it is also an opportunity to represent our dance school and as such we expect that students (and parents) maintain the values of our dance studio: dancing is for fun, fitness and friendship. Thanks for your support in helping our dance family grow!